Thank you postcards and a winner

Thanks so much to all the contributors to my last post! I used a random number generator once i'd assigned you all a number and the winner is....."Little Brown Rabbit"!

Well done Emma, and thank you for your comment - that's how I felt about the tilting letters. You can't throw letters in the air and expect them to line up! Which thank you's would you like - boy or girl?

Here are the final versions - very close to what I originally did but with some fine tuning:
tilted fairy and "You" tilted up more... essentially version 1 which most people preferred on balance; and for the boys one - a slightly smaller but more distinct T with a smaller pirate boy - position a bit different and I think it works better.

Now to print some out - photograph them and get them on my site asap. Thank you so much for your help, let me know if I can do the same for you. x Gabs


  1. Wooooooo Hooooooooo! Thank you so much! I'd love some girl ones please :D xxx

  2. Both are lovely... I like the way the little fairy seems to have just finished writing You :)x


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