Anthropogie visit

Anthropologie Visit Winter 2009

I finally managed to find this shop after walking past it and phoning my husband to find out whereabouts in Regent Street it actually is! (It's between Hamleys and the corner of Beak st). 
It did seem quite unassuming at first.. hence why I may have walked past it... well it was busy after all... ooodles of shoppers to block my view.. that's my excuse.
Anthropologie came here only 2 months ago but has been going in the USA for 17 years since it began in Pennysylvania to "inspire and connect with women" through beautiful items of clothing, decorative creations, jewellery and homewares. It certainly has a lot to offer and I found it hard to tear myself away after over an hour and a half browsing.  There are 3 vast floors of gorgeousness - possibly 4 - I did get a bit dizzy with it all! And the folksy style of the offerings is, to use an expression that doesn't come easily to me "bang on trend"! These are just a few of the photos I took, yes I did ask and they were very happy for me to snap away. I'm very much looking forward to going back in the Spring when no doubt the whole range will have changed and fab new artworks, around which the products are arranged, will have been created, and there will be a new branch on Kings Road in Spring 2010 too.
Do try the changing rooms and don't miss the sale room  - I bought a wonderful top like the yellow one here only in fine brown and caramel stripes that accentuates my stripey hair!! and it was £20 cheaper.... Have fun!!


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