Been fiddling with my site front page!
Not sure its quite right yet but it makes
a change.

It's been a funny week.

But all in all the decision not to exhibit at Harrogate Gift Fair is the right one for me; I can concentrate on the 3 other strands of creative endeavour that I get up to! I was quite low about it for a couple of days: its not that I think I was incapable its just that realistically with all the other challenges I have in the next few months there wasn't a lot of time left to create an entire new wholesaleable range !! Duh . Sometimes family, health and sanity have to come first.

Twittering has been revelatory too - I discovered that Sarah (she of the mystery surname(suppose I could ask)) blogged about me last week ! A wonderful surprise: she is equally generous with her favourite recipes and somehow manages to find time to draw attention to favourite fellow creative wonder makers! ( is that bigheaded :))??) Have a look do!


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