The last few days

My WiRE magazine came today.. you can see the mini article about Moobaacluck here

This is one of my favourite pieces from last week,
one of my birch dogs

Really like the colours and the addition of the star on the tag.

Today I finished off this tulip painting but feel it looks quite old fashioned and am in two minds as to  whether to take it to the gallery!

 And  I painted this landscape
the photo of it isn't great, think I like it .. I always have such a crisis of confidence with my painting. I am sure all artists have these self doubts.. or do they!! ?

What are your thoughts?


  1. I'm not an artist, so cant say about the self-doubts, but you are successful, so why not let that speak for itself. if enough people like your work to pay for it, then it cant be bad.the tulip painting and the landscape are both good paintings and hopefully you had a certain amount of enjoyment whilst creating them? love marley, lol

  2. Ilovemarley! Tulips are really beautiful painted but i can understand the feeling you have about old fashioned.Maybe with a funky picture frame?
    I would not have too many selft doubts, you are really talented! xx

  3. Thank you both of you x Actually have had interest in the Tulips already which is lovely:) And I think it would go down well in certain sections of the greeting card world so will send a copy to my agent. Tony has just taken pictures of both of them very early this morning. Will take the landscape to the gallery today and keep hold of the tulips a little longer.

  4. Well you know my thoughts - absolutely love the tulip painting - only wish I could afford the real thing but will have to happily settle for a print until I win my millions!!

  5. I think your paintings are amazing! I don't think I'll ever be able to paint like that. And Marley is adorable :)

    Thanks again for my award- I've linked to you in my blog post today:

    Have a great weekend Em xx :)


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