Day off at last

It seems an age since I last had a day of no working.. you can't really count this. Equally I see that it has been well over a month since I blogged. Enevitably as an artist I can't expect to be a prolific writer what I seem to be is my own sweat shop! Tony and I were giggling over that as we both sat painting horsehead bases last week one afternoon. I giggled, he chortled I suppose. " I am my own gang master!" I cried.

Anyway today I escaped with the family to Holkham Hall for a scarey trip around the museum counting ghosts; and did see some rather gruesome sights as we went around:

after that I ate the most enormous chocolate biscuit cake slab you have ever seen (as well as something more healthy beforehand) in the voluminous cafe. I think that word is more apt for material, but the ceiling was at least 30-40ft high I would have guessed: probably where they used to house the coaches for the house 200 years ago. Loved the old toys I saw in the glass cabinets there and a Welsh Lovespoon... I've never thought before how these are actually used. Anyone know?

We walked a quarter of a mile or so through the grounds to the largest walled garden I have ever seen but sadly much of it was closed off to visitors and the ancient green houses were in a very dilapidated state. 

A fairy took this photo of her view of one of the only flourishing plants in the garden:

And here are some more sights of Autumn and the deer in the surrounding park land owned by Viscount Coke. Great name. Can you spot a grim reaper?


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