The Challenge Ahead

It's only 3 months until I am doing the Country Living Show in London and just a week later the BCTF - British Craft Trade Fair. Due to painting endless horse door plaques in the last two months as well as a fair amount of personalised xmas decorations. But at last I have finished the Christmas horse orders and posted 20 off today - yippee

I haven't actually made any stock yet, so guess what I will be doing on the quiet after 7 or so days off. On top of this I do of course have to plan my stands for both shows and design a definitive trade range. I don't mind saying that I am mildly terrified at the hill I have to climb in what is now such a short time. My entire website needs a rethink too and I need to find all my receipts so as to do my accounts by the January 1st deadline. I remember so clearly sitting here last year at around this time saying how 2010 was going to be about getting organised and getting systems in place..bit ambitious.

But I will do it and can't wait to get started; Christmas is slightly in the way and I must take at least a week off to see the family. My little girl says she misses me and I know exactly what she means. I see her everyday but unless Tony is away I rarely have the time to spend just mucking about with the children and I am so looking forward to family time, even if only for a week.  Something tells me I will have to really work at finding time for friends in 2011, definitely missed people this year which is why Twitter has been a sanity saver at times. I'm very grateful to people who have stuck with me through the horse months.

I've been filling notebooks with plans and have my accomodation sorted out, but so much is undone. The logistics worry me as far as Country Living goes mainly where to park my car so that its not miles away from the venue and yet doesn't cost me another small fortune. Anyone reading this have any suggestions? Perhaps CL send us more details about this.

That's if for now. So many plans so little time X Happy Christmas to all. I'll be back - Gabs


  1. A lady after my own heart....a few of the paragraphs above could have been me speaking this time last be organised, do accounts monthly etc and I shall be saying it again this year!!!! But I figure if I had time to be super efficient on the paperwork front then it would be because of a creative wasteland. Much rather have a head buzzing with ideas and lots of creative work to do !!!! Have a lovely break !

  2. Thanks so much Mandy :))was just checking my emails and saw your comment; I hope you have a great Christmas too and the ideas flood in x

  3. Merry Christmas to you & your family xx Im following your blog now too, you have worked so hard, but all been worth it congrats for getting it all done xxx


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