The Easter holidays and spring is well and truly here ...

See that blue behind these very lovely weeds.. its our giant paddling pool. I've been in wading about to cool off a few times but the rest of the family have been less wooss-like.
I love the blossom showers at the bottom of the garden, this time seems so brief - only a few days.
  Inside the house I'd put together a makeshift Easter tree of twigs with all the unsold wooden eggs I'd painted for Country Living! You can see a glimpse of the yellow kitchen that remains unfinished. Still hoping to find time to paint the grey skirtings and doors.
The children and I made Easter fairy cakes but for some reason I only took a picture of them before they were cooked. This was the first chance I'd had to use the silicon cupcake holders.
It has felt like summer in North Norfolk for weeks, although more like Spring when I went to Italy last week! Ironically during the four days I was there it was the worst weather they'd had for a while.
Susi's house in a little hamlet just outside the small hill town Archevia in "le Marche" region.
Evidence of drinking...only one glass how odd;  These Irises were all over the garden - gorgeous

I had a fantastic time with my fluent Italian speaking- wine expert friend Susi.We drank many local wines even had a private impromptu tasting at a winery and toured about in our little Panda catching up on the past few years and reminising.
Here she is wandering off fast while I take hasty pictures..... 
We had a day of sophistication in Senegalia the nearest city to Archevia.

 Ate Pizza near here

These fennel were huge - four times the size of those you see in our supermarkets...
This fig tree was glorious - standing alone in a small square, so vibrant - a jewel like green

 Archevia cut into the hills; we were staying to the far left.... off the picture. A view from a restaurant we almost got into! May 1st seemed to be a celebration day in Italy:)
 behind the house late that day the 1st when we had a very sticky walk before our journey to the airport.

This is just a little reminder for me that I got away for a while. A little space to remember how lucky I am. One day I hope I'll be able to afford to bring all the family out here. Must brush up on my Italian though as in this region no one speaks English but the natives are very friendly.


  1. Must have been lovely to get away for a bit, the scenery is stunning! xx

  2. lovely to see your beautiful pics, and text, Gabs! So glad you two had such a great time - the joys of Spring, vino, and bella Italia (ahh!) XX

  3. Thanks for your comments both of you :)
    You should go Alice you'd love it - although Susi wondered if you might find it too rustic !xx

  4. Finally got round to having a good look at your pictures, how beautiful, must of been so lovely just to have that little time out & lovely to spend time with your friend xxx

    Love Shellybobbins xx


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