Riot Raffle

It's been a month since I last blogged and there is a lot to say or show so there will be a little flurry of posts over the next few days as and when I can fit them in. School holiday time is hectic and without wishing to bring people down, the rioting in England has been profoundly shocking. Enevitably when you have your own children it makes you worry for their futures as well as the unborn of the rioters!

But as its clear that these idiots are the minority from the hard work of Twitter friends like @artistsmakers who organised a mass clear up in Londons worst hit areas and @zoeanddrew who is organising a raffle to help fund independent shopkeepers ( check out her blog for details second post down)

I am one of over 60 makers who are contributing something for the raffle, I haven't yet decided what it will be but probably a bunting a bit like this one, which was made to order and sent to Australia a fortnight ago.

@mhairiwild that's your gorgeous pink crochet cloth hanging up at the window! ;)


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