Developing new Christmas designs . . .

I've just finalised the four designs mini gift wrap designs I have created for Moobaacluck. The next step will be to work out how best to offer it to people! Clearly it would be easier for me to print sets and have them ready to send out; but there is every possibility that someone would want 4 of only one design..

A glimpse of all four.

What do you think?

I deliberately used only one colour for each gift wrap design because as well as being ideal for wrapping small gifts, I think they would make great scrap booking or crafting papers. Very meticulous children or adults might enjoy colouring elements in!

These will be available shortly on and  - as soon as I've worked out the best scenario! I will sleep on it.

Joy - if you are reading this I will send you your set - I haven't forgotten!!


  1. They are all so cute!!! I absolutely love them : )

  2. Lately, I haven't been able to 'like' your posts, I don't understand why, I'm logged in to WordPress! And I like this one a lot!

  3. I love them all! I would be happy to buy a 4 pack (this is in ref to your FB post), however, if I didn't *like* all 4, then I would prefer to be able to buy them seperately. :)

  4. Hi Ana
    How bizarre! thank you for liking :)


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