The end . . . and fresh starts.


At last! I've come to the end of the pile of orders had to be posted before tomorrow and I finished a day earlier than I'd expected! I secretly hoped I would as I wanted to be able to fully relax tonight as I am off out to the Gunton Arms   to meet up with three girlfriends to talk business. Sort of. It's our Christmas party :)

We've set up a bijou business group to give each other support. So far we have two analytical types and two creative types so there's a good balance.

I love this time of year because it although I am so very tired from all the late nights and early mornings working in the last 6 weeks I have a huge sense of achievement and every year feel ready for a change. Out with the old in with the new. Plans are afoot and it will involve a massive amount of work on my part and a clear head but I am determined. Somehow I have to find time to tackle the garden too, so it resembles less of a wasteland.

I left Instagram and Facebook today. I'm going to see how life is without Facebook for at least 6 months to a year, I know I will miss a lot of people but many of them are on Twitter or I could actually  see or phone in 2013!  This was prompted by their now retracted 'new' terms in which they seemed to claim that unless you deleted your Instagram account by Jan 16th then you were granting them rights to all your photos. I really dislike this high-handed careless way "they" (they being Facebook who now own Instagram) go about things. So although this is retracted now I feel disgruntled and don't feel inclined to let them store anymore of my messages, interactions and photos. When you die what happens to all that? It stays in their archives. I think that might change in their future, what a minefield storing people's virtual lives forever! I want to be involved in real life this year.

I used to feel slightly incredulous at friends who weren't on Facebook and now I think they are the clever ones ;).

Wishing you all a wonderful relaxing Christmas with a sprinkling of friends and a huge dose of love, Gabs



  1. I've started using Twitter and FB more since BYW boot camp, but I like Twitter more. I use FB under my real name.
    I also opened a page for my blog on FB but I have no likes and I haven't had time so far to look into it.. Maybe I should forget about that too an concentrate on Twitter and my blog. Instagram has changed their policie again today! I will see what happens next.

  2. Have a lovely time tonight and well done for finishing a day early xx

  3. Have a lovely Christmas Gabs and a well earned break. I look forward to seeing what you get up to in 2013 and hopefully see you in person at some point in the year x

  4. Congratulations on finishing your orders. I was on the verge of signing up to Instagram until their announcement - not cool at all!
    Wishing you a restful Christmas and fun filled new year. Hope to meet soon at the meet ups. x

  5. I will probably go back to Facebook at some point but I have enough to do for the next year! I did find that I did have some lovely customers who enjoyed contacting me there to ask about specific products and a few sales resulted. I am just wary of all the machinations behind the scenes and want to inform myself more before I go back.. so it will depend if I find not being on there a pain!

  6. thanks Ali - I did have a lovely time and the venison was delicious!! And ..don't tell Billy.. the sticky toffee pud. ;

  7. I've booked my ticket to Top Drawer Becky - one day I'll be there with you.. most likely 2014! I am optimistic that i'll be well enough to come. Masses of luck with all the preparation. At least you really know what you're in for now. x

  8. Thanks Geraldine; Instagram seem to have back tracked but I still don't really trust them!
    Yes it would be lovely to see you - hope there's another I can get to. x

  9. Have a really great Christmas! All the very best for 2013!!! Jane xxxx


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