The end of the home decor plate assignment and what I learned #makeartthatsells with @lillarogers

What a week! I worked hard, hard. Had highs and lows , a brief teary moment then great happiness when I put together this final plate which was my fifth design:


You'll see what I mean! I ended up with a plate design I loved after a detour away from water-colour to acrylic on wood, which is lovely to paint on. I actually was very happy working on this pale delicate plate with its winter palette and think that it does work but it's not a plate that jumps off the shelf at you, or necessarily one that could be produced faithfully either!?

7inch_circle_outlineHow different they are. And yet... see the swirls the shapes of the icons... the icons themselves? similar. I'm learning what shapes I like and that I love circles and movement.

I needed to do this acrylic work because after hours of painting separate water colours I looked at the pieces and felt flummoxed. Many were delicate little studies which I couldn't envisage sitting well together. Once I'd finished my detour and had a sleep I woke early, made a cup of tea and sat playing with purpose on my computer, manipulating scans. It wasn't quite there... I ended up with these:


The one on the left is my favourite and last of my fiddling before going to my summer-house to paint some more. To me it's the most quirky and striking but not there yet - quite, but I think I will revisit it, I can see things I'd like to do to it. The amalgamation on the far right looks like swimsuit or skirt fabric! I like it but to me it says fabric not plate. I like the sparseness of the one in the middle but it probably needs one more element at least.

I think I am learning a lot, not least that I can paint with water-colour still!

Here's a composition I've just finished as a pair to the one at the top, what do you think? Which do you prefer of the two? I can't really decide myself, what I love here is  line over bold colour and little details too. Something to pursue :)



  1. Gorgeous. Your design would look fantastic on coasters too :0)

  2. hello lovely chops X thank you ! If I ever design a fabric and have it made or it gets commissioned I will send you some :)

  3. Wow Gabriella :0 :)))
    All that hard work has really paid off - i like the last one because the butterfly seals the deal for me but i also love the one you think of as more of a fabric design.
    So glad you're sharing all this - it's fascinating to see. I decided (helped by the price)that this was one course too many for me but i'm delighted that your sharing it with us - thank you
    (so is your class mate susan black - blogging at 29blackstreet - if you want to connect?)
    looking forward to next week :)

  4. I prefer the bottom doesn't feel as crowded for some reason. It seems to have more space to breathe in between the objects. That said the top one has lovely shapes and colours. I also preferred the one on the left (of the three) I really liked the colours and it had a more modern feel. That said your work is looking really lovely and the vibrant colours are great!

  5. Thanks very much for the nudge towards Susan! I will check her blog out too, lovely.
    We are doing children's books this week so I will post some images next week and say how I feel about that - love Gabs x

  6. Sasha that is SO helpful - thank you very much. Your opinion is really appreciated. I find it very hard creating like this in a vacuum. It means a lot to me you had a look thank you! I will check your blog out now x Gabs

  7. Love the final design with all the bold colours and lots of movement (and I personally think it just has the edge over one at the end of your post). Well done for persevering and experimenting - it obviously paid off :)

  8. Thanks so much Sue - one thing I am learning is that everyone's opinion is different :) I personally can't decide which I like best.. One friend of mine said she's love the flowers on her lampshade and I can see me working on a repeat based on the first plate at the top for a furnishing fabric. I think that would work! But I like the last one as a plate.


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