My entry for the #globaltalentsearch

The deadline for entries for the Global Talent Search  is tomorrow 5pm GMT and like many I've submitted this weekend and feel a sense of relief. As one of 500 Make Art That Sells course participants it's been wonderful to see some of the entries in the private MATS Facebook page. The competition is amazing. I don't know how many have registered to take part in the GTS search but I vaguely remember the number 2500+. To whittle all that down to just 50 for the next stage will be tough.

This is my entry:


I would absolutely love to be represented by Lilla Rogers but I do think it's unlikely at this point. What doing this course and entering this competition has given me is my is my self belief and ambition back. I know I am capable of great things but I have to nurture myself and think deeply about the direction I am going in.  I imagine Lilla is going to choose people who have a definite style aesthetic at this point to go through to the next round. How happy would I be to get through to the final 50? I am realistic but I think you can guess. We should all find out on August the 1st who has reached the next stage.

Good luck to all of you and can't wait to congratulate you :) If you've entered and want to put a link into the comments please do. It's an education in itself looking at the entries :)


  1. I absolutely love your design Gabs and all of my daughter's just asked when they can the journal when I showed them. We all have our fingers and toes crossed for you, good luck lovely xx

  2. Thank you Zoe - it makes me smile and so happy that your girls like it so much. I'll be doing something with it soon no doubt. I've had lots of comments about my cat so I will develop him further. X Gabs

  3. This is great! Good luck with the competition! I think they'd be crazy not to like this and put you in the top 50!

  4. Thank you so much Lauren, it would be wonderful but i have seen so many brilliant entries. I'd love a chance to do the next brief. Did you enter?

  5. I've always loved your work Gabs, and I'm looking forward to following you in whichever direction you end up going. Good luck with your entry, I love it. Joy xx

  6. Good luck Gabriella - I love your piece and think it's great that you've stayed true to your sense of style and the way you like to paint. You know what they say 'you've got to be in it, to win it' Fingers crossed for you ;)

  7. thank you so much Joy - it's lovely to know you are there :) x

  8. thank you Claire :)
    I did use Ai and Illustrator to assemble this piece from all my hand drawn elements which was fun but I definitely spent more time at the computer than in my shed painting! They are great tools that i want to use to manipulate my work in the future. It's been really exciting getting to know what they can do. x


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