End of the #makeartthatsells course November 2013

These are my MATS assignments; quite a variety.

I have mixed feelings about the Make Art That Sells course. I really loved the weekly challenge, the wonderful inspirational images and information and the community is fabulous and I am so pleased I did it. However I don't think I did my best - or rather I did the best I could in the time I had and for where I am at the moment, but for various reasons I feel slightly disappointed in myself . My work didn't make any of the peer reviews and it makes me realise that I am further away from having an illustration portfolio than I thought before I took the course. However a dose of reality is not such a bad thing! I feel determined and strangely more sure that I can take what I learned about myself and my potential and do great things next year. My mind has actually shifted further away from being insecure and needing approval from people I admire to realising that the most important thing is that I must make things that I love, that I know when something is good or bad deep down. Taste in art and design is so personal, you can't please everyone or in some cases hardly anyone so it's vital you love it yourself.

The talent on the course was truly incredible and inspiring. The course is packed with inspiration and helpful tips, Lilla Rogers is a delight - I was particularly thrilled when she mentioned one of my jokes in her video! That was so funny :) I realise I yearn for connection with other artists and although I don't know what Lilla thought of what I did; whether I have talent in her eyes or not, the key thing is do I think I have?! I do.. I feel like my pot is on simmer. After Christmas I'll be drained.. (100's of orders for Moobaacluck to paint before then) and then I'll be turning up the heat to give both my current business and my illustration work a thorough roasting.

Can you tell I am writing on a Sunday!? Although we aren't having a roast. Kindly my husband is making a fish pie so I can continue working at the kitchen table over my piles of wood that need painting. I've just printed out 6 personalised card commissions and just couldn't resist a quick blog!


  1. They all look lovely together I really like your paintly style makes a change from vector…life would be very boring if vector was the only way so happy to se your work shinning out from my computer tonight, good luck with your products and look forward to see what you do post turkey!! x


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