Blog problem with old posts not showing up - what to do?

Over a year ago I started a Wordpress blog and 'closed' this one. Then I came back here - I missed you all!

I imported posts back to Blogger. Although I can see them in my posts list and small images show in the ' You may also like' section at the bottom of each post - in most cases when you click one of them up comes "blog not found". The title my blog used to have was different - therefore the url was. What do I need to do to make them visible again to the public? As I say they are all there in my back end so to speak!

Can any of you help?

Update: have tried checking the 'permalinks', re writing the titles, redoing some photos but still not found comes up when one of the linked within 'You may also like' boxes is ticked. I have discovered that if I delete moobaacluck.blogspot in the url and replace it with 'gabriellabuckingham'.blogspot etc, then the old post appears. Very odd.

The easiest thing to do would be to delete 'Link within'. I'll do that if no one can help. I've spent hours fiddling :/ - doh! 

I've now deleted the link within app - it's not even a Blogger gadget. I am sure that had something major to do with it. Any past posts can be seen in the blog archive in the right hand margin. They all need a thorough tidy up but at least the problem is no longer visible.


  1. I clicked on one link and I got to an old post but on another it came up with blog no long available. Suggested going to Hope this helps.

  2. Thanks Heloise, I can't make head or tail of it. Trying to re title and re tag... every time linkwithin is used it comes up with as the address and that no longer found message. If I change the address to gabriellabuckingham etc - the post comes up!


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