Defining my style with the Smart Creative Style course and Monica Lee

As anyone following me on the internet knows I've been taking part in a fair few courses in my mission to really get to grips with how I want my business to develop. I've been talking about a second brand for at least two years and thanks to the Smart Creative Style process with Monica Lee I feel a lot more sure about what I want and where I am going.

As part of the course we had to put together mood boards - not necessarily on pinterest - but that's what most of us did; it was incredibly fun and I think I've fallen in love with that process. Nothing is ever fixed and I know I'll be adding and subtracting from them as time goes on.

I can't wait to get stuck in designing for a new shop in the summer while creating new Moobaacluck work that is more in line with my new discoveries. I'll be building a spin off look board specially for Moobaacluck to make sure I'm on track. There are images on the above board that specifically relate to Moobaacluck as it's a combined board but the next step is to dig deeper into that to make sure that all future designs for my current brand fit my emerging aesthetic.

The above board is a section of the board addressing potential brand colours and type.  As someone who has a bright acid yellow cardigan that I wear to death I think it's fair to assume that has to be part of my brand colouring - it pops up in all my boards!

I've absolutely loved Monica's course as it's given me a framework from which to understand more what I like and why... the whys are harder of course but really essential. My business is a massive part of me and my life and not something I will ever stop doing so it has to be fulfilling and truthful.

There is still a hell of a lot of work to do but I have searched my heart and know that the ultimate goal is an eponymous brand with the Moobaacluck brand as a smaller one within that aimed primarily at children. Sounds feasible to me!


  1. I can really relate to this journey of discovery, finding a happy creative place has been one of my biggest hurdles, (the other being confidence in my work), feels so satisfying when you start down the right path... I blogged a little about mine today x


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