My entry into the Global Talent Search 2014 run by the Lilla Rogers Studio - Terrarium theme

The brief for the Lilla Rogers Global Talent Search 2014 was to create a piece of work with a terrarium theme for wall art - either for adults or children. 

I chose to do something for children - but I've put it on my wall for now :)

I painted this on a 40cm x 50 cm canvas and painted the bird, cotton reel and type on brown paper and carefully cut them out with scissors, gluing them on. The whole thing took about 3 days if you include the scribbly sketches of other ideas and pondering time  - probably 2 working days painting.

It would be wonderful to have the chance to challenge myself doing the second brief as part of the 50 selected from the 999 entries ... but I trying not to hope too much as I've seen lots of amazing entries in various places on the web. Whatever happens I loved making it and my daughter wants the original! 

We have to wait until the 26th of August to find out whose work was chosen. Tenterhooks.

Update: Sadly I didn't make the next stage but there are some wonderful wonderful works that did - you can see them all here.


  1. It looks lovely and Im sure even better in the flesh. Havent put mine up yet, kind of waiting till next week now.
    As you say so many amazing ones just from the ones ive seen, not quite sure I was barking up the right tree with mine.
    Really love your painterly style at the moment cant wait to see what else you produce x


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