Things I've been up to this week - painting and photographing

How fast the weeks are going. No sooner am I enjoying painting on a Tuesday it is suddenly Thursday. I am sure you know what I mean. I am someone who secretly loves the week more than the weekend....

This week I really had fun in my shed :) I'd worked hard on Moobaacluck orders on Sunday so that I could use Monday to pack it all off to customers and then make a cake for my daughter's birthday on Tuesday. At about 3.15pm I opened the front door for her return from school and went hurriedly back to the kitchen to spread the top layer of icing on her cake and put three packets of smarties on top. Not unopened! I tipped them out into my anxious palms and carefully placed them all one by one on top. I had literally (the real use of the word) just put the cake under the tin on it's stand and flung the chocolatey evidence in the sink to wash when she walked down the hall to rummage in the biscuit box. Close call. You can see the cake in my instagram feed ;)

So on Tuesday morning I had a few card orders to do but once they were done I put on my painting apron and felt that lovely rush of possibility as I looked at a blank canvas.

I'd been dreaming about one of my most important values - freedom and decided to make a painting purely from imagination. It turned out almost as I'd imagined it - perhaps more vintage in style in the end and surprisingly compatible with this teacup I was given at my niece's wedding last year! I adore acid yellow.

I've designed a card from the painting and am working on two prints - one square and another A4 in format. It'll be interesting to see which sells best. They'll be available from by next Monday along with some other cards I've just photographed. Hope you like them!


  1. That looks great as a card, lovely, Im someone else who prefers the week to the weekend!! Happy Friday!

    1. thank you Tracey! Aren't we evil :)) You seem to be prolific at the moment. I seem to be treading water wondering how i am going to manage Surtex. Not getting far apart from list making and sorting between commissions... I feel like a rabbit in the headlights a bit!

  2. Lovely work. Add another who prefers the week to the weekend. I love my creative time alone, and yes, Tuesday soon turns into Thursday when you are happily painting away.

    1. I don't feel half so guilty for loving the weeks now girls! :)


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