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I have been updating my website a little which is really helpful in seeing where I am going and the sort of work I want to do. It's so hard to completely cull professional work done 15 years or so ago but I have. I am sure there will be even more of a cull soon! I've also updated my Art page, the Illustration page and the Pattern page. This is the sketch page that I'll be adding a lot more to over the next couple of weeks - I'm doing #inktober on Instagram which means a daily ink drawing!


  1. I really like your work! And I’m really excited to see your ink paintings included in your website. Speaking of which, I’m glad that you kept your web page design plain and simple. It will make your website easy to navigate. Plus, the attention of the viewer will be more focused on your artwork, rather than having it clash with the template itself. Thanks for sharing!

    Chris Hatcher @ Red Stick SEO


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