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original_retro-style-festive-deer-christmas-gift-tags.CharlieMcsherry Gorgeous vintage style tags from Cherry Pie Lane  

Aren't those tags adorable? 

The beautiful Winter Notonthehighstreet.com brochures are flying through letterboxes all over the country this week and for a while now there's been a curated policy with stylish gifts in handy sections on Notonthehighstreet.com : if you are in a hurry the brochure and curated areas are really handy but many, many wonderful things go unseen ... these are hidden gems! I want to show you fabulous finds that the makers themselves have put forward to me that do not feature in the brochures or curated categories.
I've been  a Notonthehighstreet.com seller since 2009 and every year I think it would be great if there were curation for items that go largely unseen, I'm doing something about it this year! I'll be posting daily until the end of November showing off lots of unique finds; depending on whether I have lots of partners contacting me I may be looking through a lot of pages to discover things that I've never seen before and hope you will like too.

Make a cup of tea and take time to browse and click on something that takes your eye here... then discover more about each maker by clicking on their shop name in blue - this will take you to their storefront.. where you can read all about what makes them tick and read customer comments and view every single wonderful thing they make if that takes your fancy.
original_personalised-journal-notebook-by-PipanyBeautifully hand sewn and embroidered note book by Pipany

original_vintage-shop-letter-r Aren't these wonderful golden letters just gorgeous... Vintage shop letter by Bonnie and Bell

original_crochet-alphabet-letter-cushions A different sort of letter altogether .. a warm, squishy crocheted one by The Letter Loft

original_morning-coffee-handmade-lip-balm Handmade coffee lip balm by The Okie Soapy Soap Shop (trying saying that out loud!))

original_reindeer-first-christmas-card-or-choose-your-wordingA cute reindeer for a personalised first Christmas card by Little Cloth Rabbit

original_personalised-family-print-drinks A fun, clever print by A is For Alphabet

original_boom-pow-wow-dog-collar One for you dog loving comic fans! by Ruff Hound Outfitters And something lovely for a human to wear...

original_newlyn-fish-scarfNewlyn Fish Scarf by Louise Brainwood

original_personalised-stripy-accessory-pouch What teenage daughter wouldn't love this by Squiffy Print 


Rich Shortbread Biscuit Mix in a personalised pack with a star cutter by Katie Bakes

What might your son or daughter do with one of these for Christmas... they just might share do you think?

If you buy anything from these sellers thank you so much - feel good - you've just made a maker very happy! At this time of year designers who hand make have invested in materials and in some cases staff so that they can start making now...and with the warm weather people are less inclined to think about Christmas. Thank you for looking. 

Please share this blog to help independent makers be seen - thanks so much. 

Whisper: If you are a notonthehighstreet seller with a lovely unsung item and want be featured please contact me at hello@gabsbuckingham.com 

Equally if I have featured you and you've changed your mind or want something altered please email me there :) 


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