January 2016 - plans for the new year

I'm still here.  Happy New Year to you all!

I don't feel that I made an awful lot of progress last year, even though I produced volumes of work.Visiting New York to do Surtex was wonderful in many ways but nothing at all has happened as a direct result of that... I believe that I'm better off simply contacting potential illustration clients directly as I used to in the old days!  Consequently I feel a bit daft having tried but it was an adventure... and my eyes have been opened so that's a good thing. And I have a bank of designs to plunder and develop further. I've slimmed down my portfolio considerably to make way for the new. I worked so so hard; it's strange that sometimes that isn't enough. There's a lesson there ;

Moobaacluck is be my focus this year; I have a good little business that could be great if I devote the same level of time to it that I did to preparing for Surtex last year! But.. there always is one... it's also a year to explore painting with no agenda. Just for the love of it. That I am really looking forward to. And learning how to silk screen if I can fit that in too. Experimenting. Making time for that.

On a personal level family and health will be my focus. I really like what my friend Adrienne Vita says in her blog about resolutions and accepting ourselves as we are. If I can make great strides that will be amazing but little changes are what's needed to allow bigger ones to happen.

How was 2015 for you?  What do you think you learned? Best of luck with 2016 x


  1. Looking forward to seeing all those lovely paintings you produce and to what happens with Moobaacluck, wishing you lots of luck, I think the licensing world is a really tough one and a hard one to crack, the market is swamped with so much amazing talent its hard to fight our way through it, your decisions sound perfect so have a great year.x

    1. Thanks so much Tracey! Good luck to you too.. I'm amazed by how much you produce; you are doing so well. I hope that the agent you have now is getting you lots of work. It would be lovely to see you and Lucinda in London sometime. I'll let you know if I ever make it up there! love to you x

  2. Gabriella, you are so sweet to mention my blog! I am glad it's helped you. Your work is super cute and really stands out. Believing in yourself and staying happy is so important so continuing with what you are doing sounds so great! The impulse will strike you for the "when, where and what's next" part. Happy 2016!

    1. thank you Adrienne! that's so lovely of you. Are you doing Surtex again this year? Happy 2016 to you too X


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