The corner of my bedroom

You're not seeing much of it but these are three paintings I did about 1-2 years ago now that finally are up on the wall and I think work well together. They weren't done at the same time but clearly I am drawn to similar colour palettes.

The light has been dingy in january and these were shot on my camera in natural light in the gloom. Although they are fuzzy the colours are more accurate than those I did with a flash. Which if any would work as cards do you think? all comments welcome.


  1. The colours are lovely, espec. thetop and bottom ones, they would make fab prints

  2. Thank you Liz! I haven't done prints of either as yet but certainly could. x Gabs

  3. I like all three, and I reckon they would all make nice cards.
    joy xx

  4. Colours love & really, really, really, love the bobbins !!

    love shellybobbins hee hee

  5. Thank you Joy and Shelly - I'll make cards out of them for the Country Living event and see how they sell. x Gabs


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