I feel that mentally I am progressing with preparations for the two shows I am doing; and there are increasing piles of gesso'd wood appearing gradually in the shed for me to paint and paint and paint.

I asked dear @tonybonus to photograph a few new things for me this week which he did beautifully.
 Orders are gently coming in which - while I could do with earning more money, is just about as much as I can handle while deciding which items to make for trade and then work backwards to paint as many generic items as I can for Country Living at the end of March!
(I love this heart. I designed 3 new ones but this is my favourite. Bit late for this years Valentine but it will be part of the trade range and frankly it could work all year round as a decorative gift could it not?)

I have to accept I just can't do everything I wanted to but will give it a damn good try.

At the recommendation of Jane who runs Snapdragon's Garden and is @snapdragonjane on Twitter I am reading "Rework" by Jason Fried &David Heinmeier Hansson.

It's incredibly reassuring that I seem to be one of the sort of businesses that they recommend becoming - I don't have an official business plan and I go with the flow and do try to seize opportunities. The downside which I found hit home is that there is nothing admirable about working oneself ridiculously hard and thinking that it is some kind of virtue! This book told me I am stupid but also that I can take my time and reevaluate where I am going at any time! It's up to me! It's my business and I can change it anyway I like because what I don't have is overheads and staff - as yet. It's all to play for. It also reassured me greatly and I would recommend it as a good read for any small business.

And I want to thank Jane who gives so many people sound advice and the benefit of her experience. You're not supposed to start sentences with and are you? It's my blog and I can do what I like :)

Bye for now x


  1. Good luck with the prep for the 2 shows and thanks for the tip on the book think i'll give it a go! I agree small go with the flow business are good, here's to success with just one pair of hands x

  2. Hi Gabriella, just stumbled across your blog, and thought I would say hi - have seen your gorgeous work on NOTHS before too! Here's to small one-woman businesses I say:) It's great you are doing Country Living, I bet that it is such a lot of work! I was going to be there too, but in the end, I had to turn it down, just too much money for me at the minute! I'm sure it will be a great success for you tho, hope you get lots of things painted up for it:) jenny xx

  3. Hear, hear! I might stick a little 'it's all to play for' post-it on the wall as a reminder.
    Thanks for posting about the book, sounds like a worthwhile read (all quite reassuring to hear), and good luck with the shows.
    And yes, do what you like ;)

  4. I have to agree. With no set plan, just winging it, that's me!!

    The book sounds well worth a read and I agree, Jane offers great advice.

    Good Luck Gabs these next few weeks, sending a virtual extra pair of hands to paint some base coats! And remember to sit, just for a few moments to enjoy the little things.


  5. I feel terrible that I never said thank you for all these lovely comments! Great to read now - especially when I am feeling so overwhelmed and frankly terrified! x thanks - Gabs


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