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Inspired by reading so many comments like this on Twitter:

"I wish I was nearer and I would come and help with packing like a shot..."
"I'd help if I lived near you..."

I've come up with an idea. Its just a germ that I thought of in 10 mins... so needs a lot of figuring out.

I would have to have it organised based on counties and then people could access it to put their names forward as either volunteers (if they wish)- or just if not more valid - paid workers - with a fee that they would like to achieve per hour as a helper. That way creatives who are low on work are able to earn whilst helping those that are so busy they can't cope. Other freelances are far more likely to be available at short notice and if there is a list of names - locations and fees then it could be the answer to finding help.

The legalities are another issue - I can't forsee any problems if I am running it as an information list only. Can anyone else?

I'm quite serious about this, so please all genuine advice is gratefully received.



  1. brilliant idea, go for it, gabs xx

  2. Thanks Joy - I will- it may take a while. The calm of the ignorant!

  3. I think its a great idea. Happy to help with the technical side of things - just ask! (But won't be offended if you know someone far more competent than I to help out!)

  4. i think that's a great idea - hope you don't mind me posting. I followed your link from twitter.

    Anita aka itsamistry

  5. Thank you all! Latest news I have registered the name and and we will go from there! Offers of help are very much appreciated and I will get back to you as and when.

    Anita of course not, I am delighted that you bothered x Gabs

  6. What about people offering services to each other?

    For example, I've got an embroidery machine (and can turn peoples images into stitches) so for example, if an embroidery designer wants their handdrawn designs machine embroidered in bulk, I can do that.

    And I'm sure other people have tools others would find useful?



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