Seal of approval from top business woman Jacqueline Gold of Knickerbox /Ann Summers fame

 I WON - can't believe it!! Along with @buggytug and @thejeanboutique

 Today - I saw a tweet about a competition on Twitter run by Jacqueline Gold which I believe stands for Women (inbusiness) on Wednesday #WOW . I may have got that bit wrong - someone correct me. See more about the ceo of Ann Summers and Knickerbox on her twitter page where there is a link to her website and you can see her tweets about #WOW

Jacqueline invited anyone to tweet their business including that hache tag by 5pm today and she would pick just three businesses and retweet their entry. I thought "why not?"

At 6pm what did I find just before going to eat with the children? a single mention from @Jacqueline_Gold :

" #WOW winner @Moobaacluck Love the concept of 'handmade happiness'. Beautiful, well-designed website"

It's so gratifying to hear that Jacqueline thinks so highly of a website that I designed myself - (of course I did use the wonderful @createdotnet programme)! But still it encourages me to get uploading all those images that are awaiting treatment!!

If you haven't seen my new website yet its here :


  1. congratulations, gabs, and well done. you deserve the recognision.
    joy xx

  2. Thats fantastic! Love your new website x

  3. YAY !!!! Congrats sweety you really deserve it so much

    big hugs

    love shellybobbins


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