Some recent creations

A customer asked me to paint one of my small stars last week for her pantry. She specified everything and I think it worked well and funnily enough went very well with my kitchen plates!

Talking of stars I finished these off for another customer too; if anyone knows of a red emulsion that is bright but not too bright - similar to this which doesn't take 4 coats to look finished please tell me what its called!

This is a garland I quickly snapped this morning before wrapping in tissue and boxing up to post.

and finally a card which has been around for a while taken from my boat star and decorated with a red star border. I've only ever sold it at craft fairs and I will be putting it and a few others on as soon as possible. I like the idea of doing a multipack of a few designs too, don't hold your breath though - you know what I am like. Flurry and then not a sign ...

I fully intend to alter the blog banner too so that its in keeping with

watch this space! ( from time to time)


  1. lovely creations- such a talent you are ;0)x

  2. Love the card. May have to browse your range as my stock is running low.

  3. Thank you both!! Suzy _ I will put together a box and hope to catch you or Neil soon x Gabs


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