Using my illustrative skills....

I once used to illustrate children's books; my first commission was from Ladybird books which was a great start! I went on to illustrate several more books, and contribute to others but after we moved to Norfolk and had two children fairly close together it became increasingly tricky to find time for the concentrated blocked work that book illustration requires. I did manage to paint a few books with my daughter asleep on top of my table.  But I've never attempted to write and illustrate a book. Like many people I imagine I could do it...

Today I went to Lauren Reeves today to have my hair cut - Fye Bridge Street, Norwich - (I highly recommend her. She has to be the most welcoming, confident and swift cutter!) Anyway...shortly before my appointment I popped into a very appealing looking book shop a few doors down. It was filled with intriguing art and photography books and a publication I'd never seen before:

 I took this image of the issue I bought from their website . I was particularly attracted to the magazine once I saw that there was an article in it about Oliver Jeffers... off to read that shortly!

And no doubt I will hunt down more copies in the future.

"We wanted a general magazine about illustration - the artists, the collectors, the collections, the exhibitions, the history, the philosophy and the key events relating to this subject. We wanted to discuss the work of great artists from the past as well as new graduates currently coming out of college. We wanted to explore children’s book illustrators alongside those who work on adult novels and classics - or even political manifestos and train timetables. We wanted to consider the humorous, the serious, the sinister and the surreal.

And we believe we share these wishes with a wide range of people from book collectors and dealers, to lecturers, professional illustrators, book publishers, fine press printers, bookbinders and current students." Illustration magazine - (part of their statement on their home page)

Sounds great!

This last week I have had quite a lot of orders for my own stationery - both the Birthday invitations

and the Christmas Thank you postcards I designed for Moobaacluck.........

it reminds me that I want to start developing this aspect of my work again.

Thank you if you were one of those lovely customers who've ordered ;)  - Gabs x


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