Curtains for me

I've been sewing - if you can call it that!! My studio is now looking a lot more inviting. Still more to do - I think the ceiling would look lovely painted a light colour but that is a huge job.

A couple of months ago I found some brown floral 70s material in a charity shop in Cromer - two enormous curtains which I snapped up immediately. At last I found some time to cut out some panels and use my Janome sewing machine for the first time in probably a year! Was also happy to find that I was perfectly capable of taking the machine apart and cleaning and fixing it when it jammed, thanks to a great short film on line :)

I borrowed Tony Buckingham's camera again and went a little trigger happy...

a newish star design that I keep meaning to get onto Noths/own site!!

One of my paintings that was made into a card and a notelet by Clare Maddicott cards

My daughter

This one is a bit fuzzy - not sure why.. but shows both my children in my summerhouse.

Little snapper .... F set free with my camera while I used Tonys!

I have quite a few unfinished paintings around my shed/studio/summerhouse.

  A favourite bear on a tray that I found in a very unusual cafe shop in Sheringham.

My tulips came up!

Part of the cherry tree we planted a few years ago - lovely to see it flourishing in the sun.

So what do you think of the transformation? I'm pleased... and the children clearly like it as they parked themselves in here to draw.. which is why I did this rather than get on with my orders... better rectify that now!


  1. Beautiful studio Gabs,what an inspirational workplace x

    We used to have our family holidays in Cromer and Sheringham every year :D Lots of wonderful memories x

  2. Your studio looks fab Gabs. I particularly like the wee bear. I have lots of little 'decorative things' dotted around my studio. They make me smile every time I look at them.

  3. What a beautiful studio and gorgeous children. You live in such a wonderful part of our country. Xx

  4. Wow! I'm glad I saw the 'before' because now I can appreciate the gorgeousness of 'after' even more!
    Penny x

  5. Looks fantastic... A real creative haven!

  6. How bit a space do you have in your summer house, Gabs? I was looking at summer houses this morning and I've never been good at judging space. It doesn't look huge from the outside but it seems to swallow up loads of 'stuff' including what must be quite a big plan chest??? Love the lustre of the wood - very strokable!

  7. big...that was meant to say 'how big'!

  8. Your studio/summerhouse is looking great! What a lovely place to work.

    Those curtains are a lovely finishing touch.


  9. Lovely to have all your comments -thank you xx I omitted to let you know that the material on the chair is only masking taped on...after 3 days working the seat bit is loose so I will have to get my hefty screwdriver out to detach the wood backed pads and find a staple gun somewhere... wonder if any one in North Norfolk has one I could borrow? Anyone know where Lawrence Llewlyn Bowen could be found?

  10. Hi! LOVE those curtains! Wish I had a studio like u :)

    Just saw your comments over at my blog- I actually do both- sometimes scan and sometimes I draw directly onto my computer using my wacom tablet. have you tried one? Took me about 3 months to master but I love it as personally I find it impossible to draw with a mouse. x

  11. Those curtains are stunning. You must be pleased as punch with them!


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