Orders posted today in the run up to Easter

I started to write about the postal prices increase and I still will - in another post - as I think it would be so interesting to compare how many of us will deal with it. It's a huge consideration for small businesses.

I posted all these off today in the hope they will reach their owners by Thursday... don't think that there is any post on Friday! I worked very hard in my shed on Monday and Tuesday and this morning to finish them all off.

These are going to a bakery - I wonder what the owner intends to do with them?

Incidentally when we were small my brothers and I weren't allowed to watch television on Good Friday which seems so unfair as that's when all the good films are on!! That certainly wouldn't go down well in our house!

We are very much an agnostic - me /aetheist - dh family ( I was brought up a catholic and went to an all girls school until the age of 18 - explains a lot) which I feel sad about on one hand and glad about on the other. Catholicism is so founded on guilt. Bit serious - apologies ;) But the morality of christianity is ingrained in me I suppose - much of it good. 

When I was working today my husband made gingerbread and Easter biscuits with the children. I hope you agree that they are - in some cases were - spectacularly lovely to look at :)

And tasted even better ! Happy Easter to you all x Gabs

P.S. If you have made any radical decisions about how you are going to run your business in light of the postal increases I'd love to hear about it below and will credit your thoughts and ideas in my postage blog v soon. 


  1. And a Happy Easter to you and your family (which it looks like it is going to be if the yummy biscuits are anything to go by). Incidently that is exactly what oldest kippernipper and I were doing today. At least the biscuits are made but we have to ice them tomorrow!
    Jenny xx

  2. Thanks Jenny - don't think those biscuits will be around for long!Will just have to gobble up the iced ones won't we? otherwise they'll get soggy!; x


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