Doodles and fun inspired by Lilla Rogers new book

I ordered Lilla Rogers new book before Christmas and it arrived this week - yipee! It's just what I needed to spur me on. It's uplifting, lighthearted, motivating, to the point and practical without being heavy going. Visually it's a delight of course and its FUN. Something I need :) I particularly love the tiny tarot at the end which I've already made my own version of and put in a pot I made at ceramics class years ago!


I carved out some time for myself not doing my hand painted orders (you do need a break sometimes!) to play. Ages ago I'd painted a yellow background on wood and a few coloured circles. I saw it lying on the side in the studio and decided to play with it adding more to it.


This led to designing a card for a friend with it.. and then I did another and put it in my Etsy shop inkpaintpaper.

Next I painted a couple of small background patterns, sketched a rabbit baby and designed some new baby cards.


One set large and personalisable (available at Moobaacluck on the other two are smaller simply with "It's a girl!" and "It's a boy!" on the front. Find them in my Etsy shop too.

Hope you like them! And thank you Lilla :)


  1. I love the yellow spotty design!
    You were on a roll Gabs! Isn't it great when ideas just bubble up like that!

  2. Such a good idea to set aside time to play - 'moodling', as someone called it.

  3. I love it when a new book inspires a creative burst - too often i try and hang onto the feeling and 'nest' it instead of running off and enjoying it - glad for you that it produced such lovely work (esp the yellow circles design).

  4. Gabs, beautiful doodling and the card. Have a great weekend x

  5. Your work is beautiful! Love the yellow circles pattern - so happy! I'm so excited about Lilla's new course btw - I'm sure she has so much to share and teach all of us!

  6. Thanks Linda! Following you on Twitter now and can't wait til June but have a lot of thinking and prep to do. Have Lilla's book so will be starting there :)

  7. Thanks Geraldine - am loving your Instagram feed. How you manage to get out and photograph all the things you do I will never know!


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