Making Tissue Paper Flowers at Gressenhall


Making these flowers out of tissue paper was probably my favourite part of the day at Gressenhall; strangely a week or so ago I had been thinking about paper flowers having seen a few crop up in very beautiful blogs.

I was keen to have a go at this Mothers' Day childrens' activity so the rest of the family wanted to join in. It was very well run with plenty of precut colourful rectangular pieces of tissue paper to fold and clear instructions as to what to do. I took a picture so that I don't have to write them all out:








blog _paperflowersinbagWe took six of these fluffy fat flowers home and this definitely won't be the last time I make them!

Thanks Gressenhall.


  1. Aren't they gorgeous? I haven't made tissue paper flowers for years, but found myself making pink tissue blossom for the tree in the window display of our new shop only the other day. I expect to see a photo of you wearing one of these in your hair any day now!

  2. I luv 'em! I made big tissue pom-poms for my m and d's golden wedding anni - after making three I was done but they looked great up.It's strangely satisfying isn't it?!

  3. Thanks Claire! They are all sitting randomly on top of some furniture at the mo. I'll be doing some making in the Easter holidays and might try to perfect the technique.:)

  4. Hello Penny :) thanks for stopping by! So easy to make aren't they:)


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