I'll be back soon

I am feeling as though I want to come back to Blogger. So I think I will. Bare with me while I overhaul the look of this page!

Somehow after a year or so on Wordpress - although it's been great for 'meeting' new non blogger bloggers I do miss it over here and find that overall Blogger is easier to use and has more features included in the free package - such as the 'you may also like" button.

Plus I do love a makeover and am feeling much more confident to just be me.  I don't have the funds to pay a web designer to sort my web life out but have to be honest - I love doing what I can myself! It's all part of creative learning. Getting to grips with plug-ins and coding really isn't in me though. I am having far too much fun painting, designing, being a parent and gardening. Probably in that order!! HAA ha - sorry children. But it is the end of the summer holidays almost and we creatives like to get on. You know I love you to bits.

I read a quote today:

“Lighthouses don’t go running all over an island looking for boats to save; they just stand there shining.”

Anne Lamott


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