The New Cultivate Art Collective Group

One of the best things about doing the Lilla Rogers course was meeting other students virtually. Many of us have continued to post to the private facebook page supporting each other's projects. Along with several people taking the MATs course I've joined a new collective devised and set up by fellow student, artist and teacher Rachelle Panagarry.

A recent painting purely from imagination as part of the Mati Rose Daring adventures in Paint & Life e course.
This is my page so far. There's much more to work on and upload but it is better to have a presence than wait until everything is perfect.

There will be opportunities to join in group shows like Surtex in New York which is a fabulous idea. I'd like to take part in this in Spring 2015 but there will definitely be a group of us attending in May 2014.

I've also joined the Moyo Directory too and would love some love :) Please click through there and if you like my work press the little heart. Thanks so much.

There is some wonderful work on both these sites and they will both be growing hugely in the next few months.

Have a look - I am sure you will be inspired!


  1. Love this painting it looks fab, looking forward to following. x

  2. Thank you Tracey! :) It should be fun following each other - I remember seeing your work a lot when I was a full time illustrator.


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