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Here we are at the end of another month that has whizzed by! It's half term this week and everyday seems like a race to get work done and or ferry the children to various places. We are off to a Halloween party this afternoon - just my daughter and me (or I if you are pedantic); I'm letting the side down. It's as much as I can do to get dressed and get work done - let alone dress up! Still, Freya has her outfit planned.

Several MATS friends are blogging on the last day of each month, you can read what they've been up to by visiting Linda Tieu's blog and clicking the links there.

A couple of weeks ago I designed a Christmas card with #makeartthatsells and wanted to simplify it and make another from the elements I'd designed. Finally I found time to redesign them and I've uploaded  the one above to my shop and you can buy a pack of six here.

Here's a very sunny picture of a pack of six which isn't suited to websites really but I just really like its warmth and the strange reflection of the cotton reel in the cellophane.

This is the other one which I should be able to get up onto the web in the next few days:

This is the whole design...ideal for someone with a sweet tooth and possibly vintage taste?

In other news I have at last been able to refresh the image of my wooden stars with my new squirrel wrap in the background and the updated star shape.

Phew. I don't think I'm going to be able to do this weeks MATS assignment, much as I'd love to. My husband needs the computer for most of the weekend as he has become really busy so I will be in charge of the children and trying to get all my painted commissions done!

Back to normal next week when the children go back to school so I should be able to do the last weeks assignment - here's hoping.  


  1. I've also skipped some assignments for MATS because I can't keep up. There's the day job, the kid, everything else... haha... forget laundry! But little by little - as long as we are moving forward. Beautiful card design - I like the vintage candy with the neutral background - it does make me think of vintage children's storybooks!

  2. yes card looks great hope they sell well.
    Good luck with the rest of the half term sounds hectic. xx


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