Turning point ?

As anyone who has read my blog before knows, I'm doing the wonderful Make Art That Sells course run by Lilla Rogers in New York. Over the internet!

The piece above is my response to the Scrapbooking brief we were given.  I concentrated on drawing and painting and mark making without thinking a lot about how I was going to use the images. Early on I decided to use 4 main colours and then go from there when I came to assemble it all on the computer. There are a lot of images I had to leave out but the best thing about that is that I have SO much to play with in the future. It's really exciting!

My skills in Photoshop and Illustrator are improving - it's great to be able to import a drawing to Ai. and live trace it - although I occasionally had a weird thing going on with having to do that in sections and also not being able to colour in there (- ie document remaining shades of grey even though it was CMYK) but despite that I just find I am comfortable using them as tools for my hand drawn and painted elements. And that's all I need! May be in time I might create my own patterns and borders in Illustrator, I had a play when I did an Illustrator course last year.. so I know it's possible.

I love what I did this week, it feels like me. The best thing is that it's a mixture of the ways I like to work  - the painterly and the more simple - yet all hand done. To my eyes it hangs together, it works! This is why it feels like a turning point, I feel like I've found my way of working for future illustrative projects. Hooray!!!:)))

It makes me so happy to look at it and I can't wait to make cards or notebooks or notepaper and maybe a print out of this little lot!


  1. I really like this Gabriella think youve found your mojo! x


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