Getting clear

Such a simple statement but it's everything really.

My theme for this year is 'Evolve' and it's not easy. I am making small shifts and really, really trying to work out what I want. So much choice. I am lucky.

I took part in a personal development course last week called The EOS Programme; it's simple but profound and confirms things I know deep down.

Don't you find that really you always know what you need to do to change things. It's doing it and recognising it that's the difficult bit.

You choose your state of mind. Of course if you have clinical depression that's a whole other battle and I really understand that.

As part of my homework I am writing a gratitude journal and success journal daily.

My business Moobaacluck isn't the biggest and I think I felt that I should have a trade range shortly after I was invited to join notonthehighstreet but I never really felt comfortable with that. In retrospect that was the right decision for me... I did go quite far a long that road - even taking part in the BCTF in Yorkshire in 2011 and realising while there that what I was showing wasn't the sort of work I wanted to be doing on a mass scale!

I love painting personalised wood pieces for customers - but that's what they are personal! They have individual meaning to each person that orders from me. It loses soul when repeated over and over ... without personalisation. That said there are a few small items like my little chickens that could perhaps be trade items but when you look at similar items in shops they are often made abroad en mass and those that aren't are probably not making a lot of profit if they are competing with those companies.

My background is illustration and there is so much potential to get into that again. I'd love to. As well as develop more prints for Moobaacluck, textile design under my own name, design for ceramics ( I've made a few of my own but perhaps a visit to some factories is in order )), maybe even rugs! Painting and drawing for pleasure.

Virtually all business books and courses say Focus!!!! It's true but the most important thing is freedom and personal happiness, being there for your family. I'm so grateful for the fact that I earn a living working from home doing what I chose to do and clarity will come. You can't rush it.


  1. Willing you along Gabriella, and know one day you will get there. x

  2. Thank you Tracey - wish it would hurry up :)))! x

  3. Lordy so much to say here from me. First off I'm really sorry it's taken me so long to reply, Life always seems like a mad waltzer with me rushing behind knickers still in my hand. You left me two really lovbely messages on my blog and I can't remember if I replied to the first one, but I know I haven't to your second. I read your message when we were staying at a friends whose house is just up from Beeston Bump ( a place I associate you with as I remember a post you wrote about it). That weekend I was raw and mad about work so your lovely message was just what was needed. I like you too (sounds so daft and like we're in the playground, but I'm glad to know you feel like me about all this confidence with other people stuff). I just wish there were more hours to be able to catch up with people properly, but definitely want to see you this year and sooner rather than later would be good. I have Wednesday afternoons off if you're free.
    This post is really interesting, I'd have loved to go on something like it too, although like you say we know really that change can only come from us, but sometimes we just want to be told what we need to do.
    I agree completely with your views on keeping it personal, that's why you become an artisan in the first place, it's all part of the process. For me I think having lots of strings if the best way to keep afloat. Do a few things you might not care about so passionately and maintain the things you really care about. For the moment I've had to put my creative business on the backburner and earn regular as possible money teaching. Have loads of ideas and plans that I'm hoping I can put into place in the summer if I don't need to work then.

    Should have emailed you as this is really long. Students have cleared off so I'm catching up you see.

    Take care lovely Gabs. Lisa x

    1. I'm so touched by your message Lisa, thank you. I really like your point about maintaining the things you really care about. It's so hard when you're trying to scratch a living not to constantly prioritise the things that pay the bills. Then you wonder why you're feeling low (me I am talking about, but I bet there are lots of others in this position). There's never enough time!! Now that I have done half of the course mentioned above I know I should re-phrase that to something like - I will make time for the things I love from now on. It's consciously thinking of that everyday that's difficult. I'd love to meet up soon but it's going to have to be Wed June 11th as we are going away for half term and I need to fulfil all my orders etc. before I go off next Saturday; then when we are back catch up and do a 5K run ( I haven't even started training yet so will have to walk it))!!//) - do the last day of the course and then I am free! xx I've put it in the diary so please email to let me know if that's fine with you.


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