Warm Weekend

© Gabriella Buckingham

What a gorgeous warm weekend! We were treated to a lovely meal by my MIL at a village pub nearby and I spent virtually all of the rest of the weekend at home in the garden - working in my summerhouse, flying a plane with my children, having races, cooking and eating outside. My husband put our annual giant circular pool up too. Heavenly. I also bought these beauties above and will be tottering around in them in Spain when we go on holiday next week soon I expect - not for long though! 

© Gabriella Buckingham

I sold this painting too. On Friday I started running every morning early on (ahem - bit of jogging with fast walking at this stage)). I haven't done it this morning but might - no will - do some callenetics or yoga in the garden later just before the children come home - if I've done all my orders.

© Gabriella Buckingham

This is a sprig of flowers that called to me as I ran towards them growing through hedge: 'pick me and take me home for a photo' they cried.

I hope you had a good week x


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