New work - on a Nautical theme

© Gabriella Buckingham

The subject this month for Lilla Roger's Bootcamp was a Nautical theme - whales and ships in bottles were mentioned... After I enjoyed myself making some dip pen sketches I was inspired to design these party invitations in watercolour for my Moobaacluck shop on before we'd the brief. 

This is the reverse side, plenty of room to write the important details....

Once we'd had the brief - to create a piece of wall art with a nautical theme - I spent a day painting from small doodles I'd done in biro in my sketch book;

This is a 39 cm square canvas painted entirely with acrylic. I loved doing it! The day was perfect. I had both doors on my summerhouse studio open and I'd worked hard on commissions to make sure I had the day free to devote to this alone. 

© Gabriella Buckingham

I'll be making prints of this available at and the canvas will be for sale too, happily I've already had one or two interested parties!!


  1. She really is very lovely. x

  2. Thank you Tracey... there's something odd about the bottle though and I've just noticed what it is! A lesson in waiting at least 24 hours before you upload anything! At least I can change it on the real thing - no great harm done. Best of luck with finishing yours off x


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