General Waffle - family illness and coping with guilt!

This isn't likely to be a coherent post. Although perhaps a theme will emerge.

I have been ill this week as those who follow me on Twitter and Facebook will know. Nothing severe - just a sore throat, queasiness and general exhaustion picked up from one of the children. Both have been on holiday from School and its amazing how the days either speed by or drag if you aren't feeling well.
I designed a green star version of my bumble bee for a customer from Illustrate My Name;  I really like it. It seems to have quite a retro look.

Managed to get through all the urgent orders this week and actually am a little ahead of myself, so much so that I spent all day today (Sat 31st July) designing illustrative cards for my greeting card illustration agent and Phoenix Trading. All are speculative which means there is no guarantee that anything will come of doing them. That said I get much from doing it. It's very easy to get rusty and out of practice with illustration and I wouldn't say that I found work just flows because I always - even today- feel the time pressure. A roundabout way of saying, I am trying my best and hoping that I will make a breakthrough and move on with my illustration style(s). Will post pictures of those another time...

I have about 20 outstanding Moobaacluck orders and because of my husbands work ( only Mondays are regular) I always have the feeling that I just might not have enough time to do everything.
Managed to paint all these on Friday - finish them at least but this little lot probably took 2 - 3 days to do. Something tells me I need to develop a printed product line!!


Yet again Tony looked after the children all day on his own. They have a lovely time with him so its not as if they are suffering without me there, its more that they have grown up feeling that I am not usually "there when we go on trips". This isn't strictly true but I suppose for 70 % of the time they do anything exciting it probably is. I feel very happy creating but its always tinged with regret. Something I will just have to get used to. How do you all cope?

Here they are on their quiet Monday with me at home; you can't see them but there was a swarm of beautiful dragon flies swooping about.

This was also the day that I decided to take part in the Notonthehighstreet Christmas brochure. I may be setting myself up for a very tricky time but I am determined to make the best of it. Its as though i have to make life difficult in order to change what is wrong. Im my case the disorganisation of my work spaces and lack of money. Perhaps this will sort out the latter enough for me to buy things to sort out the former.

I designed these horses specifically for a local customer, she loved them so I thought I'd try them out on Noths never thinking for a minute that this would be the product they wanted to feature.

We ( the children and I ) also made two cakes that twitter friends will know I polished off pretty smartly. Here's a photo of them, believe me they tasted wonderful, better than they look here anyway.


  1. I think you are doing an incredible job. We are so similar - I'm just lucky that Jeff, being a teacher, gets the summer off but do still wrestle with 'You take the children out, whilst I stay home and work!' It is good on the one hand for the children to see how hard you work but by working from home, it is so hard to switch off. Everything will balance out - you can only do so much - good luck with the Christmas catalogue - still haven't made my mind up completely!

  2. Thanks for your comments Becky- especially as I know you haven't got alot of time at the mo! X
    it means a lot. Isn't the internet great:)

  3. Sounds like you're doing a fine job of trying to balance everything out. I don't think ultimately children suffer seeing their parents working - if nothing else it helps them grown up with a good work ethic. And as you say, it sounds as though they have a lovely time with Tony, so no-one is losing out ultimately. Keep up the good work! Love your stuff, by the way!

  4. Having just set up "Beach Hut Charm" I fully understand the working from home and children battle. At the moment my problem is that I have so much going on in my head that even when I am not working and trying to spend time with the children I feel I am distracted because I cant turn off!!! Then I feel guilty (a mothers guilt is horrible!) Working from home is tricky too, its all to tempting to dip into work and never get a proper break. Keep up the good work Gabs - you are fantastic at what you do x

  5. What a lovely and honest post. Perhaps there should be a "Guilty WHAM's Society". I never seem to feel as if I have the balance right, either I'm not there for the children when I should be or I get behind with my orders.
    Like you I plug on through hoping that my workspace will become more organised, my children will forgive me and that my business will make me some decent cash.
    Hope you feel back to 100% health soon :)

  6. mmm that doesn't look right
    "Guilty Working at Home Mother's society"

  7. Dottie that's a fab idea, am a guilty Wham :)
    Emma - great to see you on here - are you going to start blogging!? as if you haven't got enough to do...x
    Bella and the Moo - hello and thank you for your lovely comments, am I following you on Twitter or vice versa? let me know x

  8. You need the Guilt-free moms blog!! I'd forgotten about it but just found it amongst my Twitter posts.


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