Some news part 1

As usual have been mostly contained in the summerhouse 6 days a week ( apart from school runs, once to the supermarket and oh joy, a dental specialist in Norwich. Less said about that the better) Oh and the most important day release happened last Thursday. "I worked like Billy Ocean" ( a strange phrase personal to me that I don't remember the origins of) last Wednesday to complete as many orders ahead of time as poss to have lunch with Penny Lindop in St. Benedicts restaurant in Norwich. We spent a fun 2 hours discussing all the potential hazards of setting up at Country Living next year; Penny gave me lots of tips and a big task to do which I will begin next week.. honest Penny!!

Penny designs wonderfully quirky hand finished greeting cards, prints and framed clocks. To see more of her work please look here  If you are visiting the Royal Norfolk Show you can find Penny in the craft tent.

This is one of my favourite pieces of Penny's work. I love the idea of a collection of cards in a lovely box. A great gift for someone or a treat for yourself!

As soon as I find my notebook I will write Part 2 with details of all that I gleaned for those of you who like me have never done a big event before. I have done plenty of craft fairs but never one that necessitated an automated payment system. So that was one of my major concerns.

Yesterday I was delighted to  hear that I've been accepted for the British Craft Trade Fair next Spring. Plenty to do now... not that there wasn't before! :))

Are any of you exhibiting at a big show this or next year? You are welcome to post a link to your site and announce what you are up to in the comments section! Look forward to seeing what you are getting up to. Part 2 to follow soon .... now WHERE is that notebook.....


  1. Congratulations on the trade fair acceptance. How cool is that. you'll be fab even if it's going ot be lots more work in the run up.
    loving Pennys cards too. Thanks for sharing.xx

  2. Thanks so much for your comments Anna :) I am so glad that I plucked up courage to post the application for the BCTF - I literally carried it about for 4 days umming and rrring!

  3. Thanks for this wonderful write up, and for the lunch too - it's really good food in St Benedicts. I'm so glad you've got into BCTF - now the hard work really does begin! Shout when you need another meetup (it won't require you buying me lunch!)
    Have you found your notebook?!!

  4. Yay! Congrats on getting into BCTF. You'll be needing to take on staff at this rate!


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