Time management or not in my case

One of the hardest things is juggling time consuming art work with family life; all too often I have 6 day weeks and there is rarely a day when I am not fiddling with something. However this weekend I gave myself an entire Saturday and most of Sunday off, apart from 2 hours finishing 30 of these stars - they have to be posted tomorrow!

                                ©Gabriella Buckingham - Moobaacluck 2010

In fact as I finish this post it is the following weekend; there isn't enough time to be perfect. All creative types have to accept this..don't we? I would be very interested in hearing how you all organise yourselves!

I have just bought myself some great wooden filing trays so that I can put all the jobs for a particular day of the week a stack of those. Of course I want to paint them beautifully too but that is going to have to wait!

I had the best weekend I have had in a long while ( last weekend!) taking some time off to splash in the sea with the family and ate outside all weekend, pottering among our weeds and plants with the occasional plunge into our big blow up pool. Heaven, can't want for much more really.


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