A Moobaacluck day and a question for you

I've been holed up in my shed painting Moobaacluck orders so far this week, apart from a short walk with my husband this morning. This is what I painted today:

Ribbons to be added! And these too:

Now, the question I have is what do you do about watermarks or protecting your photos? I quite like the white logo but wonder if it's too OTT (over the top) ... perhaps a simple tag line in white as in the top photo is best. What do you think? and what do you do yourself?



  1. I just type the name of my blog on them. Using a logo is a good idea (for branding). I will put that on my, very long, to do list.

  2. I like the logo, looks fab! I really must start doing this. Lovely creations!!! Hope you are having a good week? J x

  3. thanks Jane - I do too, may just be a case of sizing down a bit. And I'd only use it on Moobaacluck products of course! Busy week - just working really! Apart from my gardening Saturday :)

  4. This is something I've been dithering about for ages. I think the logo looks great for your products, and then your name on everything else as in the top photo. I'm getting ready for a new craft fair at the end of the month, for which there appears to be NO publicity!! grrrr....
    Hope to see you soon,
    Penny x

  5. Pretty work. I am glad I found you from Holly's byw class :)

    As for the logo, I simply put a watermark. I am often changing my mind about logo (silly? but that's just me...), so don't want to commit to one image, I feel.

    Your logo looks very nice, though. I don't think it is OTT at all. :)



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