Transformation . . . a quick but effective one

My lovely comfy chair has needed a transformation for a long time. I'd taped material over it when I realised that I'd be unable to re-upholster it without a taking it apart and possibly using a staple gun. Finally I took action and it went from this:

to this

once I'd taken the back and seat apart and tried some experimental stapling onto plastic and used masking tape where the staples just would not penetrate!

My assistant enjoyed a spin.

[caption id="attachment_1403" align="aligncenter" width="640"] © Gabriella Buckingham[/caption]


  1. Looks fab! All office chairs should be like this, the world would be such a better place. Glad your assistant had fun too!! Jane x x

  2. Hi Gabriella, i found your blog in BYW Bootcamp and had a look. Lovely blog and work! & lovely post on your office chair, funny enough I did the same thing just recently...have a look if you like:
    Enjoying class so far?
    CU around, bye Arda


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