I've been awarded 'One Lovely Blog'

Thank you to Ana from Amofolate who awarded me with this honour!

When we get this Award, we are also under certain obligations:
Thank the person who nominated us, link back to his/her blog and put the award logo on our blog.

Done - thank you. I know it has taken me a while but I've had a death in the family and health issues - I know you'll understand.

Share 7 things about ourselves:

The first album I ever bought was Abba 'Voulez-vous' the last one... oh a long time ago..Alanis Morissette - Jagged Little Pill

I grew up watching double bill black and white movies  on Saturday afternoon s when there were only 3 channels on tv. 

I loved reading Georgette Heyer romances between the ages of 14 - 17. Not convinced this was a good idea.

I broke my leg the first time I went skiing and never recaptured the love of it.

I adore food..apart from  melon, and I suspect I wouldn't fancy sheep's eyes....

I watched the northern lights dance in the sky from above the arctic circle, on holiday in the Lofoten islands.

Nominate up to 15 other blogs for this honour and notify them.

I nominate:













Eleven interesting and varied blogs :)

Now I have to let them all know! I know that at this time of year many of these bloggers will be working really hard so I will completely understand if they are unable or don't want to 'fulfill the obligations'  Sometimes these things smack of  chain letters which I am not keen on....

Happy weeks to all.

I am currently in bed recovering from an operation but hope to be up and back to it soon. X

The Washing - view across my garden into the next door's

Copyright Gabriella Buckingham - the view next door a few summers ago. Sold


  1. Just popped over here to congratulate you! I am sorry to hear you have not been well and hope you are recovering well. Congrats on winning this award and thank you so much for nominating my humble little space on the net, very, very kind of you.

    My dad is just recovering from a knee replacement at the moment so we are all about the tea and sympathy here, sending some to you too!!

    Jane xxx

  2. Thank you Gabriella, I really understand and appreciate it, I hope you'll be fully recovered quite soon.
    And I completely agree with your thoughts about 'these things' and 'chain letters' ... But I've also looked at this award as a way for us to promote a few blogs we like, some splendid art works and internet friends we're found of...
    So, I can't wait to check your nominees! ;) And by the way your 'view next door' is beautiful! :)
    Take care, all the best. x

  3. Thanks so much for the nomination, Gabriella. Hope you recover very soon, I hope you are enjoying the rest before the Christmas rush!

  4. Oooops! I meant friends we're fond of...

  5. Thank you so much for the nomination Gabs! What a super way to promote blogs and share with friends! you're very kind!
    Oooh poor you! I hope that your operation went well and that you make a super speedy recover and are back running around the block again soon!! With love and wishes, Angie x

  6. Thanks Gabs for thinking of me and well done you for getting the award too.
    Glad the op went well and now you're having the needed rest time. I think snuggling up to watch old balck and white movies would hit the spot for recovery now. My favourites were Rebecca and Margaret Lockwood as The Wicked Lady, of and teh Miss Marple with the other Margaret Lockwood. Happy Days.

    Lisa X

  7. Just spotted my one lovely blog mention, thank you. Hope you are recovering from your little op and being looked after well. xx

  8. congratulations on your blog award :)


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