17th March 2012

I noticed today when I went out into the garden that our willow has started to burst its buds to create little fluffy pollen covered 'flowers' for want of a better word. My mother is coming over tomorrow for lunch so I have polished the windows ( actually only this one!) with water, vinegar and newspaper. It does work....

This is a blurry shot of my Kale that is sprouting from a seedling last year. I adore Kale stir fried with garlic and ginger. My camera kept on showing 'AF' in red - which it does when it can't focus. Tony is not about to clarify what goes on but I loved the way the star shapes overlap so perfectly carefully filling in the space left by the preceeding sprout.

I chopped some willow off to make an arrangement, found the three eggs I have left from those I sold on Facebook and picked some narcissi from the garden too. It looks very spring like there:) The children and I drove up to a little lane I know and picked some gorgeous cream daffodils with yellow centres -we were sure to pick only a couple of blooms from every clump and now have a vase full - only I forgot to take a picture of that in time. It has become dark and rainy.

This is probably my favourite egg.

The children and I did some crafting - Elliot made his third entry to the school design an egg competition. I started a Mollie Makes purse but I was a disaster... Freya was meant to be doing it  but didn't much enjoy the sewing. I could n't get the fabric into the clasp without making a big mess and then there was a gap at each top edge through which precious pennies could easily fall out. Think it will probably go in the bin - still we did have fun cutting it out and gluing elements together!

Our rabbits are happily sitting out in the rain - bonkers bunnies.

Hope you are all having a good Saturday - I've really enjoyed my day. I had a run early on too and did all the shopping for the weekend. Still have a lot of cooking to do though... better get on with it. 


  1. Sounds like a just about perfect day :) Hope you enjoy Mother's Day tomorrow as well :)

  2. Your rabbit is gorgeous! And so are your spring pussy willows and decorations.

    I think AF probably means the auto focus can't do it's thing because you're too close to the object.

    I'm pleased you had a lovely day. Min was a bit bleuh! But looking back we did get a couple of important things sorted.


  3. such a lovely post...i could sit here all night gazing out your window- love the branch decor ;0)xx


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