New business cards

The post man has just been! Last week I designed myself some new business cards in readiness for the spring fair I am doing at the end of the week at St. Nicholas School in North Walsham. Of course I am trying out my new branding which may yet evolve...

I had them done by and I love them - except for the fact that somehow I managed to get a feint line of palest peach diagonally on the white front where it shouldn't be!! Only 200 to issue though. It will force me to distribute them quickly and get some more done. :)

I particularly like how the back has worked. Stickers, invoices and postcards to do next!


  1. They look Great! Love the colours, Love how the edges are rounded too. Good Luck with the Spring Fair. x

  2. They look great, both front and back!

  3. Thanks people :) Lovely reactions! x Gabs

  4. They look fabulous, Gabs. I love Moo cards, they feel right too, good luck with the Spring Fair,
    Penny x


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