Images from my shed

Here's one I made earlier. You can see the birch coloured walls of the summer house here... I finally finished painting them. Makes a huge improvement on dark green.

I also managed to transport a very old narrow plans chest which you can just see here. It will be so useful at busy periods - to line with baking parchment and use as drying stations for batch painting pieces and of course storing artwork.

You can also just see the little thank you heart here that I've just put on both my sites.

I had the summerhouse doors open today while I painted - really felt like summer ; payback for all the times I've shivered out there in the cold and damp!


  1. Looking lovely Gabs, very Springlike! Love the tulip jug too...
    Penny xxx

  2. Those daffs are the ones we carefully picked from a country lane on my ususal walk - the tulips were a mother's day present :) Thanks for commenting xx Got your email btw. How about in a couple of weeks? Do sound Penny out - she's doing CL at the moment so will be pooped early next week, I imagine - could be wrong!

  3. Looks lovely. Reminds me of the summerhouse we had in our last garden. Such a good use of an old plans chest - especially as many of your products are nice and flat.


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