Often if you are interviewed one of the key questions is what inspires you. I don't know about you but I find answering this succinctly really quite difficult! So much is osmosis... but I'm making an effort now to try to be a little more analytical about what I am doing. You never know - a cohesive collection may emerge next year - ha!

Looking at my work over the past few years... (not that I've been sitting leafing through it all as it likes to hide from me ;)) I do notice a few threads. One is old china.

I love, love, love these colours and the delicate little details too. I've had this plate for years and I use it. It either belonged to my great grandmother or I found it at a boot sale. I can't remember which,  rather awful of me - do you see what I did there? Talking like those gels in Downton Abbey (early  20th century British drama).

This is part of my developing card range for ink.paint.paper. This is definitely modelled on one of the cups from great granny's tea set. Looking at this I see how much the patterns of the 192o's ( or 1910's?) clash with the 1970's curtains and teapot that I also love!

So - in conclusion - I'd have to say that crockery is a huge influence!!:)) What about you? Do you have a key influence?


  1. I do like vintage china. The colurs and design on the plate is so declicate and sweet. Great photography too :) x

  2. thank you Geraldine - I'm enjoying the photography. It's getting very busy work wise so coming up with content heavy posts .. or just posts not easy! Very glad that BYW is staying open until the end of November. Hope to meet you next Tuesday in London! x

  3. Lovely plate and lovely card!
    As per a key influence, and thinking about my recent work, I guess I would say the sea (I hadn't thought about it before and I'm a bit amazed with this conclusion)...
    Also, I'm delighted to say that the mystery of not being able to 'like' your posts is now solved:

  4. Beautiful plate and lovely card. My key influence is from books, Mostly children's books lately. I can study book layout and how they play with colors. Always feel inspired and refreshed when I have beautiful books in my hands :)

    Thanks for visiting my blog by the way :)

    Pavinee (bywbootcamp)

  5. Isn't it funny how influences can creep up on us! Thanks for letting me know - it'll be interesting to spot the sea in your work :) x

  6. You're very welcome! Glad you like my card - I've yet to make it available to by on line but I usually sell it when I'm at a show!
    I completely agree about the books - I have a few from the 1970's that I love - all ink line with very different colour treatment. Hey - you've given me an idea for a post ;))


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