November the 6th - part 1. A visit to the big smoke to encounter @Decor8 and fellow #bywbootcamp ers

I had such a fabulous day last week when I flung myself on the train to travel to London. Ok, flung is a slight exaggeration but it wasn't far off!! I had left home tottering in my heels knowing I had plenty of time to walk to the station. About a fifth of the way there I realised I didn't have tissues. Disaster! Quick detour to the local shop.

My purse was not in my bag.


[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="560"] a stationery shot I took at Liberty later that day - seems appropriate[/caption]

I'll try to keep this brief.

Tumbled home as fast as possible on heels, tore about trying to remember where purse was, found in other coat, dragged bike out of garage, cycled as fast as possible to station in my semi finery. Arrived panting, locked up bike and train arrived. Had to regale fellow travellers with exploit! SO happy to be on the train.

Once in London I jumped as I was ferreting for my Oyster card when someone touched me on the shoulder - it was my best friend from college Karen ( now a director of interior design company Brinkworth no less) ! We had intended to meet but at the Spanish Tapas bar Brindisa which her husband Howard designed the interior of. So we happily trotted off there. The food was incredible and the Spanish waiters very authentic judging by their accents :) It was so lovely to catch up with Karen - we only manage to see each other about once every 1.5 years.

About 3 hours later we parted and I pushed my way through the double doors of Liberty's stationery department , where I whiled away half an hour staring, fiddling and trying not to talk to myself before going on to my next adventure. Coming up in part 2!


  1. This all sounds so exciting. I'm off to London for an adventure next week but I hope it's all a little calmer than this!

  2. Hope you have a lovely time Penny - are you doing something in particular? x Gabs

  3. Even though I read them in reverse order, I loved these Decorate posts. Nice to see a fellow BYW-er leaping (literally!) into action. Gave me a chance to live vicariously through you because who knows when HB will make it to California. Besides I feel like I haven't left the house since the course started. :)

  4. Thanks Ish! I feel like I haven't left the house since then - apart from trips to the post office. Swamped in Christmas orders!


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