Painting for Christmas

a new design, available from January 2013
Hello! waves from the shed! Moobaacluck commissions are taking up all my I'm afraid I haven't any exciting trips to London to report just some hair-raising trips to and from the summer house  in the dark and rain! I only worked until 5 today..with a break this morning for a big shop and post office dash (it has to be done). I've been dashing in and out of watching Strictly Come Dancing to write this.

I'm happy to say that orders are coming in very steadily just slightly faster than I can get them out so I always seem to have 70 -80 outstanding but have 3 or 4 weeks to get on top of them and am determined to do it. I found out that the horse door plaques are  not in the second catalogue drop by Notonthehighstreet next week which I am so relieved about! Today I had a single order from Switzerland for three of them, several singles and a few others. When a single customer orders more than one I have to paint them all side by side to ensure they all look roughly the same!

[caption id="attachment_1495" align="aligncenter" width="560"] A days orders before trip to the post office...[/caption]

I have been pleased that other items throughout my range have been ordered - for sanity's sake! I love way this cat plaque order  turned out, I like the colour combinations:  I didn't have a sample available to view but the customer bravely ordered a ginger cat. Do hope she likes it.

Cards have been selling well and I'll be introducing more next year.

Finally put my "Baby's first Christmas" card out there and orders have started coming in; I sent one off in the post this morning with the optional printed instructions and ribbon to turn it into a decoration:

Naturally my bestsellers have been the horse plaques as they featured in the brochure but these Christmas stars have been a close second in the last few weeks:

I will probably have to stop taking orders for hand painted items at the end of the first week of December but so much depends on how well I get through all the orders outstanding - that's the unnerving bit about this time of year! I hope if you're making to order that it is busy enough, but not overwhelming. You can see and buy much of my Christmas range here until November 30th or see even more in my notonthehighstreet shop.

So I'll be mostly in the studio whatever the weather until the third week of December! If I'm quiet you'll understand why.

Last weekend I had a Saturday off and spent it swapping rooms with my ten-year old son back to the room my husband and I had when my daughter was born at home just over 8 years ago. He now has the biggest room but it's also the only one with fitted carpet and he now has a space to play with his friends that's brighter and bigger. It feels like coming full circle and new chapter of life is about to start.

When you work on your own it's so easy to get carried away with what you think should be doing, pushing yourself constantly and comparing yourself to others. I'm so grateful to be busy now; it hasn't been the easiest year but the demand I've had across my range has really boosted my confidence that I am on the right path. I know what I enjoy doing most now and I shall build on what has worked next year and experiment more with my painting and stationery ranges.

I took this picture from our back doorstep this morning. It doesn't quite do the soft ashen, peachy, gauzy view justice but to me it looked like a painting. We have big skies in Norfolk.

Happy Weekends to you all.


  1. It seems you are very busy! It is great that your business is doing so well. Our bathroom is almost ready, I have to start working again tomorrow. I have been cleaning all weekend, but there is still a lot to do.

  2. So glad your hard work is paying off and that you are feeling so happy about your beautiful creations...what a lovely feeling : ) Have a very happy week ahead! Jane xxx

  3. Hi Loved this post as well as your fun, colorful and whimsical designs and products.As a licensing artist myself who works at home I know what it is like to push myself and at times make comparisons. I've learned though that comparing myself to others is a totally useless and a time waster. So when I do find myself doing it
    I make a joke out of it into something ridiculous and soon it is over. Whew. Do you know Valerie Greeley. Her blog is Acorn Moon. She is a wonderful English illustrator and a good friend. Check it out.

  4. Thank you for checking out my blog Andrea, I really appreciate your comments and I will have a look for Valerie Greeley - I don't know her work yet, best wishes Gabs x

  5. I hope you enjoy getting back to work and your new bathroom - of which I am most jealous! We still have the same peeling old bath panel that was here 10 years ago! Somehow we've managed to ignore it. But in 2013 it will be dealt with... i am promising myself. x Gabs

  6. Gabs such beautiful products, it is unsurprising you have all those orders coming in. Congratulations.
    It is so sweet of you to swop rooms with your son - he's a lucky boy. Hope you manage to have a more relaxing time this weekend x


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