Two new Christmas card designs

Just a quick post... I'd love to be blogging about last night in London (and my Frank Spencer day) plus taking pictures of Holly Becker's gorgeous book but will have to do that a little later in the week!

I designed these today and really like them.Wonder if anyone else will...?

I have printed some or tonight's sale at Colby School so we shall see. I'll be making them available in my Etsy shop tonight and on in my Moobaacluck shop so anyone can order them tomorrow.

Hope you are all having a good week! I've lost my voice - almost - tonight should be interesting!!!



  1. I LOVE them - they look fab! Hope your voice returns

  2. How lovely! thanks Becky :))
    I managed to talk a lot of nonsense tonight - you can't keep me quiet for long ( in the right mood anyway!) X

  3. They are jolly nice! Love the colours you have used. Have a great weekend! Jane xx

  4. gorgeous colour and slogans. Lovely meeting you last week :)


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